The 17 Best Bald Spot Treatments 2021

Does hair loss/baldness lead you to sleepless nights? Have all your products failed you?

If yes, let us bring a solution.

Hair loss is among one of the most common health issues that many people suffer from.

It can leave you worried and stressed about your appearance and affect self-confidence too.

But worry not, I am here to solve your problem. In this article, I have compiled the best bald spot treatments to fight bald spots in your hair.

But before we dig the list, let us know the most common reasons behind bald spots.

Causes of Bald Spots:

Runs in the family

This is one of the most common causes of bald spots. Many people suffer from hair loss due to hereditary reasons.


Hormones are highly responsible for maintaining a healthy body. Thus, hormonal imbalance often causes several health issues.

Hair loss/bald spot is one such issue caused by the disruption of hormones.


Stress is another major factor that causes hair loss and bald spots in many young men and women today.

Family issues, financial crunch, and many other reasons can lead to stress, affecting health in several ways.

Hair treatment and products

Overuse of hair styling products and undergoing hair treatments can damage the hair badly.

Chemical substances present in the products can cause baldness and hair thinning.

Top Bald Spot Treatment Products

Just Nutritive Bald Spot Treatment

Do you want to regrow your hair?

If you have damaged hair follicles, then this bald spot treatment is something that can help you.

This cream gently soothes the scalp and helps it to get rid of dryness while strengthening the hair.

It is enriched with nutrients that help to cover the bald spots and enable hair growth.

It consists of Chia seeds, Tucuma butter, Foraha, Karanja, and olive leaf extracts, nettle root, and plantain.

This vitamin and herbal rich formula can help you cover your bald spot with healthy hair.

Votala Hair Serum

Using the Votala hair serum is a wonderful way to repair your dormant hair follicles in the scalp.

If chemicals and unnatural treatments have left behind bald spots on your head, then this serum is what you need.

It is made up of bio-active ingredients that aid in rapid hair growth.

The all-natural ingredients in this product help to provide essential nourishment to the hair follicles and revive them.

You will find power-packed ingredients like Ginger, Fleece flower root, Angelica, vitamin E, Niacinamide, etc., in this bald spot treatment.

They help stimulate the scalp, reduce hair fall, and provide moisture to the scalp and hair.

Pure Beauty Naturals Biotic Hair Serum

This product from Pure Beauty Naturals is enriched with the power of Biotin to successfully cover bald spots, revive the follicles, and stimulate healthy hair growth.

If you want to achieve beautiful and healthy-looking locks, then this serum is what you should include in your hair care regime.

It contains ingredients like biotin, Pro-Vitamin B5, Pisum Sativum Pea Sprout extract, and others.

The combined power of these ingredients leads to follicle production and helps to make hair thicker, stronger, and beautiful.

Genius Biotin Serum

Are bald spots letting down your self-confidence? If yes, then we have something that will bring back both your hair and confidence.

The Genius biotin serum is one of the besst bald spot treatments that promises to work effectively to revive the dead hair follicles.

It is made with bio-active essential ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants that stimulate faster hair growth. The serum works to nourish the scalp and hair.

The presence of vitamin B7 targets the hair follicles, making them stronger, thereby strengthening the hair.

So, if you want to repair your hair follicles and achieve beautiful, strong hair, this serum is a must-try.

DasGro Hair Growth Supplement

Looking for a natural way to fight bald spots and hair loss?

The DasGro supplement is a hair growth supplement that may work for you. It has as many as 24 vitamins, nutrients, and herbs that support healthy hair growth.

The supplement is known to repair the hair follicle which is the root cause of bald spots. By providing essential nourishment, it reduces hair fall and supports healthy hair growth.

The supplement has no side effects whatsoever and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee too.

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Botanical Green Care Hair Loss Treatment

The Botanical Green Care hair loss treatment is an organic way to treat thinning hair and bald spots effectively.

The all-natural formula of this oil aims to treat all your hair problems without irritating the scalp.

If you have a sensitive scalp, then this formula is what you need.

It consists of ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin seeds, and Cayenne extracts. These powerful ingredients work to strengthen the hair follicles, improve blood circulation, and provide all the essential nutrients to the scalp and hair.

This refreshing and rejuvenating treatment oil enables hair regrowth and reduces hair fall too.

PURA D’OR Scalp Revitalizing Serum

Infused with some of the most powerful ingredients, this revitalizing serum will bring back your healthy hair days.

This bald spot treatment helps to reduce hair thinning, provide relief to the irritating scalp, and moisturize the hair.

With a powerful blend of organic extracts and nutrients, this serum tackles the root of the problem, i.e., the scalp. It nourishes the scalp and prepares a healthy ground for hair growth.

Some of the ingredients include Caffeine, Catalase, Cayenne, Amla, Tea Tree oil, Bilberry, etc. All these power-packed ingredients make your hair stronger and thicker to cover bald spots.

Dermlogic Hair Growth Serum

The Dermlogic serum for hair growth is a scientifically proven product that helps combat hair loss and facilitate healthy hair growth.

It works by blocking the DHT which is one of the biggest causes of hair fall.

By repairing the damaged hair follicle, this serum enables new hair growth successfully.

Ingredients like Red Clover extract make this product a rich source of Biochanin A. This helps in promoting hair health making them thicker, stronger, and beautiful.

Say goodbye to bald spots and welcome a confident appearance with this serum.

Rogaine Hair Growth Foam

If you are looking for a bald spot treatment that promises hair regrowth, then Minoxidil is the ingredient.

The Rogaine hair growth foam for men is one such product that contains Minoxidil as its main ingredient.

This formula is clinically proven to facilitate regrowth of hair and cover bald spots.

If you have been experiencing hair shrinking, then this foam will rescue you from the problem effectively.

With 5% Minoxidil and other botanical extracts, this hair growth foam gets absorbed into the scalp to keep it healthy and nourish hair growth follicles.

Propriden Hair Growth Shampoo

This hair growth shampoo works by fixing the root of hair loss.

It fights DHT, which is responsible for causing hair fall resulting in bald spots. (See also: The Best DHT Blocker Shampoos & Conditioners for Hair Loss)

The shampoo is infused with beneficial ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Biotin. These powerful ingredients nourish the hair and scalp, strengthen the weak hair, and clinically reduce hair fall.

This shampoo is suitable for both men and women who want to get rid of bald spots and flaunt healthy, thick, and beautiful hair.

Meijie Pure Serum

Looking for a hair growth product for men? Let me introduce you to the Meijie pure hair serum.

This organic ingredient serum helps repair and revive the dead hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp and provides essential nourishment.

The serum is a wonderful combination of organic and powerful ingredients like Ginger king, Ginseng, Polygonum, and Grapeseed oil. These ingredients together facilitate healthy hair regeneration, nourish the scalp, and improve the hair’s appearance.

Stop hair fall and prepare a healthy base for new hair growth with this serum, and you can thank us later.

Gro-aut Hair Oil

This hair growth oil is a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft and help repair the follicles.

With this organic hair oil, you can provide the essential nutrients to your hair needed for their growth.

Using the oil helps to get rid of bald patches and regain the lost hair.

It consists of 9 beneficial ayurvedic ingredients, vitamins, and essential oils. These works together to enhance hair growth, improve texture, and promote healthy hair.

DS Laboratories Shampoo

The DS laboratories shampoo is a uniquely formulated shampoo that aims to fight hair loss effects, including androgenic alopecia (baldness).

With DHT blockers, Biotin, and Caffeine as the key ingredients, this shampoo successfully strengthens the hair follicles and enables stronger and fuller hair growth.

Using the Revita shampoo, you can combat the signs of early hair loss and ensure optimal health of the hair in the coming days.

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Your scalp is a ground for hair growth. So, if you want to promote healthy hair, it is essential to take care of your scalp.

With the Alpecin caffeine shampoo, you can do this efficiently.

With caffeine as its main ingredient, this shampoo for bald head helps to grow hair.

It starts by cleansing the scalp and strengthening the hair from its roots.

This shampoo for men targets the follicles that are responsible for hair growth. It stimulates the follicles and also combats the adverse effects of testosterone that leads to hair fall.

L’Oreal Professional Hair Treatment

Want fuller and denser hair? Try the L’Oreal Serioxyl serum to achieve dense and healthy hair.

The hair treatment serum is known to protect against oxidative stress that can weaken the hair.

It is infused with key ingredients like Stemoxydine and Neohesperidin. They act directly on the root of the hair to promote denser and healthy hair growth.

So, if you have a hair thinning problem, then this nourishing formula serum will soothe your scalp and aid the new hair to come in.

Women’s Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss and bald spots affect men and women both. And if you are among those women who have hair thinning, this product is what you need.

The 5% Minoxidil is a bald spot treatment that is clinically proven to combat thinning and stimulate new hair growth.

With this effective hair product, you can reactivate your hair follicles so that new hair can come in.

Along with Minoxidil it also contains botanical extracts and AHA. These ingredients nourish the scalp to create a perfectly healthy environment.

When the scalp is hale and hearty, it makes way for new hair to grow successfully and cover the bald spots.

Keranique Regrowth Treatment

Want a sure shot solution to treat bald spots and hair thinning? The Keranique Minoxidil 2% solution is here to your rescue.

The active ingredients in this product repair and activate the follicles.

Using this product daily will give you fuller and healthy hair that looks gorgeous.

It is formulated especially for women keeping in mind their unique body chemistry.

The product features a targeted sprayer, and hence it can easily reach the scalp. This allows it to nourish the scalp efficiently and give you the desired results.

So what are you waiting for? See more hair on the head and less on the comb with the Keranique hair treatment serum.

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Dealing with hair loss and hair thinning can be stressful and disheartening. Therefore, addressing this problem on time with the right product is the best thing to do.

We know that you are dazzled by the number of products available out there. Moreover, not all the products are as efficient as they claim to be.

This is where my list of the best bald spot treatment products comes to your rescue.

I have selected the most effective and efficient products that work successfully to treat bald spots.

They work at the root to eradicate the problem of hair thinning by repairing the follicles.

Get your product soon and welcome healthy, beautiful hair.



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