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The Proper Barbershop

The Proper Barbershop was created by Vinnie Morey and Trent Magnano as a way of bringing back the classic old fashioned barbershop to the modern world. Vinnie and Trent are both very decorated barbers with a driving passion and true respect for the art and tradition of their craft. They both realized that there was a huge gap in the Los Angeles men’s grooming community.

proper babershop

In their view, too many men have never been to or even seen a real traditional barbershop! With that in mind, those two 23-year-old kids built a barbershop never before seen. It was the most beautiful marriage of modern art, street culture blended with the traditional, old-fashioned barbershop. In that moment, The Proper was born!

Come in today for a hot towel shave and a real barber’s haircut, and make sure to enjoy our fun-loving, easy-going atmosphere while your here! Relax with an X-Box, watch a funny movie, and have a cold beer in our back lounge. We set out to create the last true safe house for a man to come and enjoy being a man. So say what you feel and let the good times roll at your neighborhood barbershop, the Proper Barbershop! Men young to ancient are all welcome here!


Los Angeles, CA
Book Now / Call: 323.272.3287
Orange, CA
Book Now / Call: 323.272.3287


Open 7 days a week
10am – 8pm
Tuesday – Saturday
10am – 6pm

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