The 21 Best Beard Brushes and Combs Reviews & Guide 2021

Does it really matter what you use to groom your beard?

If you didn’t have doubts, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

It turns out you’re right.

If you want a healthy beard, it’s essential to use the right tools to care for it.

Recycle that plastic comb and upgrade.

Check out the best beard brushes and combs below.

The best materials for beard combs and brushes

Let’s discuss the construction of your beard brush and comb and how it affects their performance.

First, let’s look at combs.

As you shop, you’ll see that most beard combs tend to be made of three materials: wood, horn, and acetate.

That’s because plastic combs create static electricity in your whiskers. Also, they are more likely to snag and cause split ends.

On the other hand, wooden combs are static-free. They are excellent for distributing oil through your beard.

Horn combs are also good at disbursing oil through the hair. They don’t create static and they don’t snag. Their natural keratin construction complements the structure of your hair.

Then there’s acetate, a sturdy plant-based plastic. It’s not made from petroleum, so it’s kinder to the environment. The texture is also very smooth which allows the comb to glide through your beard.

Next, there are two main types of bristles on beard brushes. (Handles are another story – we’ll get to those in a minute.)

First, there are natural animal bristle brushes. While boars hair bristles are the most popular, some men prefer horsehair.

In the case of boars hair, you can choose either stiff or soft bristles.

Both natural animal bristles provide a premium experience. They exfoliate while they evenly spread oil through the beard.

They never cause snags and don’t yank whiskers.

Second, there are vegan brushes with plant fiber bristles. This is new territory for some manufacturers, so the results vary across brands. I’ve included a few below.

No matter what type of brush you choose, look for offset bristles. The uneven lengths ensure better coverage and improve the brush’s performance.

Finally, the handle’s shape and material are also crucial. Most of the brushes in the reviews below have wooden handles in a variety of shapes and types.

To simplify matters, choose a brush that feels good in your hand. That way, you’ll more likely to use it as intended.

How to groom your beard

How do you know whether you need a brush or comb?

It depends on the length of your beard.

Brushes are ideal for straightening and shaping short beards (1).

Then, combs are handy for removing snags in long beards.

Here’s how to use a beard brush.

If you use beard oil, apply it to your dry beard with your fingers, then brush. Conversely, you can put the oil directly on the brush and spread it through the hairs that way.

Brush downward to encourage hair growth. Don’t brush upward unless you want to fluff your scruff.

Move downward from the cheek to the jawline and below with short strokes.

Now, here’s how to use a beard comb.

To the contrary of how you brush, you’re going to comb upward first. This fluffs out the hair and makes it easier to detangle.

Once the hairs are standing out, comb downward to lay them flat. You can follow up with a brush.

Should you hit a snag, pull your comb straight out to avoid ripping out hairs.

Now, let’s start with reviews of the best beard combs.

Top Beard Combs

Is it worth it to get a beard comb?

If you’re serious about growing out your beard, this is one of the most important investments you can make.

Cremo Dual-Sided 100% Sandalwood Beard Comb

A dual-sided comb covers all the bases. One side is good for mustaches and the other for long beards.

It won’t cause static or split ends.

But what makes this comb even more appealing is its sandalwood fragrance.

The company recommends washing with mild soap and water and letting it air dry. Should the scent fade, lightly sand it with very fine-grit sandpaper.

Baxter of California Beard Comb | 3.25″

Baxter’s pocket-size comb is handcrafted in Switzerland.

It’s made of acetate, a natural polymer derived from tree pulp cellulose.

The polished finish results from a 12-step process. Each tooth is smoothly tapered and each tip perfectly rounded.

You can get the same fine quality in other sizes of combs from the same company.

Badass Beard Care Wood Beard Comb

Badass Beard Care is a veteran-owned company.

Their walnut hardwood comb is hand-sanded to a silken finish.

It has a beveled design to strengthen the frame. If you carry it around in your pocket, you won’t need to worry about breaking the teeth.

Badass Beard Care Black Series – Fine Tooth Ox Horn Comb

Ox horn is stronger than plastic or nylon. Neither it nor wood will create static in your hair.

This comb is a blend of ox horn and Australian Sandalwood. The wooden frame is hand-carved, sanded, and engraved.

Then, a single piece of horn is carved by hand and polished to create the teeth.

As a result, every single comb is unique. Yet the measurements are the same: 4.33-inches long by 1.87-inches wide.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Badass Beard Care Metal Beard Comb with Belt Clip

Here are convenience and ultimate durability in a pocket-sized tool.

It’s a nickel-plated metal alloy comb with a bottle opener and pocket clip for money.

To prevent snags, the comb has a glossy smooth finish and each tooth is flared in the back.

BushKlawz 2Klawz Hair Comb

This comb is made from pearwood. Unlike sandalwood, it doesn’t have a strong odor.

Instead, it will absorb the fragrance from your favorite beard oil.

BushKlawz created it for your beard, mustache, and hair. It has fine, wide teeth.

Kent 82T Switchblade Comb

Here’s another handmade acetate comb that’s been saw-cut to prevent snagging.

It comes from one of the world’s oldest hairbrush and comb manufacturers founded in England in 1777.

The comb has a switchblade design that measures only 4 inches to fit in a pocket. It doubles in length for better grip once you open it.

The surface is hand-polished and buffed with perfectly-rounded teeth.

Wahl Beard & Moustache Wallet Comb

With fine teeth on one side and wide on the other, this acetate comb grooms both mustaches and short beards.

It’s made by a trusted manufacturer of barbershop products.

The comb is hand-cut to create tapered teeth and rounded tips that feel good on the skin and scalp.

Wahl Model 3324 Beard, Moustache & Hair Pocket Comb

This acetate comb is similar to the one above in that it has both fine and coarsely-spaced teeth.

But the sections are side-by-side along one length instead of back-to-back.

Wahl adheres to an 11-step manufacturing process that results in perfectly-polished grooming tools.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Comb – Natural Sandalwood

This pocket-size sandalwood comb comes with a carrying pouch.

One side of the comb has medium-spaced teeth. The other has fine teeth.

Use the wide side first, then switch to the fine side to shape and style.

Top Beard Brushes

To begin the reviews of beard brushes, let’s look at vegan options.

Soon, we’ll cover animal hair bristles.

ZilberHaar Vegan Regular Beard Brush, Stiff

ZilberHaar is a German company that makes first-rate beard brushes.

While their boars’ bristle brushes are better known, they also make a vegan version.

It’s constructed with tampico fiber. Tampico comes from the agave cactus that grows in northern Mexico.

Not only is it cruelty-free, but it’s also eco-friendly.

Moreover, the cactus fiber absorbs and releases beard oil in a way that makes it an outstanding alternative to animal hair.

Next, the handle is crafted from walnut wood. It’s very dense and sturdy, plus it polishes to a smooth finish.  Each handle is one-of-a-kind because of the color variations of the wood.

In total, the brush is just over 6 inches long. It has 58 plugs of stiff bristles.

Vegan Beard Brush by Golden Beards Kobenhavn

Here’s a handmade vegan beard brush from Germany. It features soft tampico fibers.

It’s travel-size with a compact pearwood handle and natural oiled finish.

The brush is straightforward to clean with warm water and mild soap. Rinse well, reform the bristles to their original position if necessary, and let it air dry.

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar – Stiff Boar Bristles

Let’s switch to brushes with animal hair bristles. German company ZilberHaar is one of the top manufacturers.

They recommend boars bristle as it is superb for detangling hairs and exfoliating the skin underneath. This results in fewer ingrown hairs and helps treat beard dandruff.

The animal hair is also outstanding at distributing beard oil through whiskers.

The manufacturer sources sustainable material and uses minimal chemical treatments.

A lot of preparation and care goes into the construction of each brush.

For example, the pearwood seasons for up to eight weeks before it’s cut and milled. Each handle is sanded to perfection before it’s oiled and laser-etched.

Then, the bristles are sorted by thickness and length, then trimmed. Once everything is assembled, each brush gets a final going-over to remove any bad bristles.

Peter’s Beard Brush for Men – Round Wooden Handle

If you like to collect grooming tools, get both a boars bristle and a horsehair brush to compare.

Horsehair brushes like this one are exceptionally soft.

This particular model comes with a travel box and a satisfaction guarantee.

Grave Before Shave Beard Brush

Here’s a palm-sized brush with a bamboo handle and boars bristles. It’s made by Bass, experts in brush production.

Grave Before Shave calls it a “green” hairbrush because it’s all-natural and built from renewable sources.

Rocky Mountain Barber Men’s Hair Brush, 100% Pure Black Boar Hair, Firm Military Style

What is a military-style brush?

Typically, it has a rounded handle and short bristles. It resembles a curry comb used on horses.

In this case, it features a handmade wooden handle with a contoured edge.

Beard brush and comb sets

If you can’t decide between a brush or a comb, get both. That way, you can experiment and see how you like each one.

Kent Set of Combs and Brush

British hairbrush manufacturer Kent offers a set with two combs and a military-style brush.

They include the 81T comb, FOT pocket comb, and PF22 hairbrush.

Let’s examine each one.

Both combs are tortoiseshell acetate that’s been saw-cut and hand-polished and buffed. Each tooth is microscopically smooth.

The larger FOT pocket comb has closely-spaced teeth for medium or fine-textured hair.

Then, the smaller “Freddie” comb is designed for grooming mustaches and beards.

Finally, the oval brush sports a beechwood handle and black boar bristles.

Zeus Organic Sandalwood Beard Comb + Long-Handled Boar Brush Set

This set from Zeus comes with a genuine leather sheath for the fragrant sandalwood comb.

Each comb produced has one-of-a-kind coloration and grain pattern. It has medium-set teeth for all types of beards.

Next, the boar’s hair brush has a European pearwood handle. The bristles have a firm texture.

Zeus 100% Boar Oval Pocket Brush + Two-Sided Sandalwood Beard Comb

This travel-sized set differs from the one above with regards to the shapes of the tools.

Here, the brush is oval-shaped. It still has a firm texture, but sports three rows of bristles.

After that, the sandalwood comb has two sides. One has closely-spaced teeth for fine hair and mustaches.

Zeus also offers a variation with a rectangular brush that has a pearwood handle.

ZEUS Brush Cleaning Rake

Besides washing your brush, you need to pull out all the hairs that get jammed in the bristles.

This cleaning rake simplifies the job.

It has flexible wire “bristles” and an oiled beechwood handle.

Cremo Beard Starter Set

Get everything you need in one package.

Cremo’s kit contains a boar bristle brush, two-sided sandalwood comb, beard shears, oil, and balm with a woodsy scent.


Your beard is likely the first thing people notice about you.

Take good care of it by grooming it until it gleams.

Not only will it be touchably soft for others, it will be more comfortable for you.


1. by Wikihow Staff, published December 2, 2019, accessed April 11, 2020

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