The 29 Best Body Washes and Soaps for Black Men 2021

The Best Body Washes and Soaps for Black Men

Is there really a best body wash and soap for black men?

Some experts would say yes. Let me explain why.

For one, African American skin tends to be dry, so it’s essential to use a moisturizing body wash (1).

It’s also prone to bumps and ingrown hairs, so exfoliating is essential (2).

Next, it’s crucial to wash with non-comedogenic soap to prevent body acne.

And active guys are always on the lookout for the best-smelling men’s body wash that lasts.

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Top Body Washes and Soaps for Black Men

Check out the reviews below to find men’s bath products that meet all these requirements.

Cantu Men’s 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner Bodywash

Let’s start with Cantu’s all-in-one shower gel.

It’s perfect if you hate cluttering up the shower with bottles. That’s because you can wash your hair and beard with it as well as your body.

It doesn’t just cleanse, but it also conditions.

Tea tree oil and hemp seed clear up flaking while shea butter moisturizes without clogging pores.

The formula is non-drying and sulfate-free. Happily, it makes plenty of manly-smelling lather.

Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming Body Wash

When it comes to Bulldog Men’s Body Wash, you can’t go wrong.

There are four scents to choose from: vetiver and black pepper, peppermint and eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot, and the original citrusy wood fragrance. Every scent is 100% natural.

Each body wash is formulated to leave the skin well-moisturized, never tight or itchy.

Plus, Bulldog is kind to the environment. All materials are sustainably-sourced, and the bottle is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Body Wash

Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap has its roots in the African continent. It’s based on traditional soap but in a modern format.

It’s a smart choice if you want to clear up body acne. Use it with a loofah or sponge for extra exfoliating power.

It consists of raw shea butter, oats, aloe, tea tree oil, and tamarind extract. The blend of natural ingredients gives it a woodsy fragrance.

Shea Moisture Bar Soap African Black Soap

Shea Moisture’s black soap also comes in a bar that’s gentle enough to use on eczema-prone skin.

Like the liquid soap above, it’s free of parabens, but phthalates, sulfates, and mineral oil.

But the bar also has more traditional ingredients like plantain and palm ash. Fortunately, the texture is very smooth.

Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash

The best drugstore body wash for black men is up for debate. But I’m a fan of Dove’s.

For one, it’s a brand that’s often recommended by dermatologists to people with dry skin.

Second, it’s gentle enough to use on your face.

Third, it’s extra-moisturizing and has a pleasant fresh fragrance that lasts for hours.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s also cheap.

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3-in-1 Body Wash

Meanwhile, Nivea’s men’s body wash is also shampoo and conditioner. It saves space, time, and money.

It features aloe vera and glycerin to leave the skin smooth and well-hydrated, but without leaving a residue.

The hard-core fans I checked with had nothing but good to say about it.

You can get it in a variety of scents.

OGX Coconut Coffee Body Wash

Nope, this is not a men’s only body wash. But the coffee and coconut scent is gender-neutral and guaranteed to open your eyes wide in the morning.

Yes, it actually contains arabica coffee and coconut oil. The combination will make your skin feel like a baby’s bottom.

Since it’s an exfoliating scrub, it’s excellent for getting rid of ingrown hairs and those patches of chicken skin.

Axe Black Body Wash

Axe gets a bad rap because of their cheesy commercials. But in truth, guys buy it for a reason.

Not only does it make you smell attractive all day long, but it’s reasonably moisturizing.

What’s more, you can choose from a wide variety of manly fragrances.

While it’s not perhaps the best body wash on the market, it’s hard to resist.

Dial for Men Hair + Body Wash

Dial’s two-in-one body wash and shampoo gets generally good feedback from men.

It rinses clean, smells pleasant, and gets rid of the dirt.

My concern is for your hair. If you use this as your only shampoo with no conditioner afterward, you’re going to wreck it.

African American hair needs more moisture than this product can provide.

Bath & Body Works, Signature Collection 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, Noir For Men

Here’s a specialty body wash that’s extra-moisturizing. Yes, you can use it as shampoo, too.

It smells like mahogany and teakwood.

If that’s not your favorite fragrance, you can get a body wash from the same series with scents like Ocean or Bourbon.

Irish Spring Moisturizing Men’s Body Wash

The high point of Irish Spring body wash is its ability to neutralize bad odors for up to 24 hours.

No, that doesn’t excuse you from wearing deodorant. But it does keep your other parts fresher than you’d expect them to be after a sweaty day.

Be sure to get the Moisture Blast version instead of the original or exfoliating body washes. It hydrates dry skin better than the others.

Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Remedy’s tea tree oil body wash is perfect for clearing up jock itch, athlete’s foot, and body odor.

Tea tree oil is naturally antifungal, plus it has a woodsy fragrance. Wash with it after every workout to keep your skin clear.

But don’t worry about the soap drying out your body as it’s packed with conditioners like jojoba and coconut oil. It’s mild enough to use as often as you need it.

EMJ Body Wash

You’ve heard of Jack Black, a premium brand of men’s products. Well, here comes Every Man Jack, a worthwhile knockoff.

This body wash comes in activated charcoal, cedarwood, mint, sea salt, and other fragrances. Each one has certain advantages over the others.

Moreover, it’s based on plant-based ingredients like coconut cleansers. They are strong enough to get rid of excess oil and grime, yet mild enough to protect sensitive skin.

Cremo All Season Body Wash

Cremo’s products are featured in barbershops because they’re that good.

Their body wash is designed to help your skin handle the dryness of winter and the heat and wet of summer.

No matter what time of year, your body will feel just right. Moisturized, but without any residue on the skin.

Select from Blue Cedar & Cypress, Bourbon & Oak, and other fragrances.

MARLOWE. No. 103 Men’s Body Wash

Marlowe’s body wash is based on botanical solutions for cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

For example, it has algae, green tea, and willow bark. The latter is a natural exfoliant that unclogs pores (similar to salicylic acid).

It’s also cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals like parabens.

The scent is musky and woodsy.

MARLOWE. No. 102 Men’s Body Scrub Soap

Marlowe’s bar soap comes in three varieties: exfoliating scrub, Warm Santal, and Earthy Oud Wood.

They’re all safe for your face as well as your body because ingredients won’t clog pores.

Plus, the moisturizing formula leaves the skin surprisingly smooth and soft.

Solimo Men’s Body Wash

If you like Old Spice, but want to save a little cash, try this copycat body wash.

It comes with a satisfaction guarantee that promises a full refund.

This is a basic soap for guys that takes a lot of lather and gets the job done. But your mileage may vary if you have extra-dry skin.

American Crew American Crew 3-in-1

Men say that just a little of American Crew’s combination shampoo and body wash goes a long way.

White guys say that it fixes their greasy hat hair. Black men, on the other hand, may need to follow up with a conditioner.

At least it makes the skin soft.

Softsoap Body Wash with Coconut Scrub

Softsoap’s exfoliating body wash is extra-conditioning. You’ll never end up with ashy skin after using it.

While it’s not specifically a men’s product, it’s excellent for black skin. Not only does it leave the body silky to the touch, but it also helps clear up ingrown hairs.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Exfoliating Detox Body Soap

Treat yourself to something new. This bar soap promises to work over your body like a trip to the spa.

It purifies the skin with bladderwrack seaweed and charcoal powder.  At the same time, it exfoliates with Arabica coffee.

Then, it smoothes and softens with Kukui and coconut oil. A little cinnamon offers anti-aging benefits, too.

Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel

Molton Brown’s luxury shower gel is bound to make a good impression.

It’s a premium English product that contains exotic botanicals from places we wish we could visit on vacation.

It’s available in a variety of exotic scents like Recharge Black Pepper, Bracing Silverbirch, and Coastal Cypress & Sea. All of them are strong enough to compete with or replace your cologne.

JACK BLACK All-Over Wash

And one wash to rule them all…Jack Black’s product is pricey, but very nice to use.

It washes the beard, hair, skin, and face and leaves them all soft and clean. It’s pH-balanced and hydrating.

What’s more, it’s formulated without cheap shortcuts like parabens and sulfates.

Art of Sport Activated Charcoal Body Wash for Men

Here’s a refreshing body wash with eucalyptus and charcoal to detoxify the skin. It’s excellent for washing away sweat and grime.

It’s also surprisingly effective for hydrating the body. Just check out the positive comments about it on GQ and Men’s Health.

Finally, it’s free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates so that it doesn’t mess with your health.

Gillette Body Hydrator Body Wash for Men

You know those little gel strips they put at the top of disposable razors. The ones that are supposed to soothe your skin?

Bathing with this body wash is like treating your whole body to soothing gel.

Gillette’s packed it with hydrating ingredients so that you can get away without lotion in most cases.

Puracy Body & Hand Wash, Bergamot & Sandalwood

Puracy’s body wash checks all the critical boxes.

First, it was developed by doctors to be moisturizing enough for daily use. It has gentle coconut-based cleansers that rinse clean.

Second, it features clinical-grade moisturizers but no harsh chemicals. That’s right, no sulfates, formaldehyde, parabens, phosphates, perfumes, or animal byproducts. It’s certified cruelty-free.

Third, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose by trying.

CeraVe Body Wash for Dry Skin

If you have sensitive skin, try CeraVe’s body wash. It’s been accepted by the National Eczema Association.

It attracts moisture with hyaluronic acid, a molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

Then, it has ceramides to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss and infection.

It’s clinically formulated and proven to repair and rehydrate.

Cetaphil Pro Soothing Wash

Cetaphil is CeraVe’s head-to-head competition. Their Soothing Wash is ideal for softening dry skin.

Furthermore, it’s fragrance-free so that it never competes with your cologne.

When it comes out of the bottle, it looks like a lotion, but it makes plenty of foam to get you clean.

Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash for Men

Brickell’s body wash relies on a traditional formula that satisfies thirsty skin. It has aloe, glycerin, and jojoba oil to restore moisture.

In fact, the formula is 97% natural in origin. It also has tea tree oil and peppermint to give you a pleasant tingle while you shower.

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap Sampler Pack

If you can’t decide between soaps, get this sampler pack with three top fragrances. It has Cedar Citrus, Gold Moss, and Pine Tar.

Each one is free of sulfates, parabens, and palm oil from unsustainable sources. And each is formulated to repair dry skin.

You can even use them for shaving.


What your criteria for choosing a body wash? I know that the smell of it is important to most of us.

But I hope I changed your mind to consider soap that hydrates your body better.

Switch to a better body wash, then come back and tell us about it in the comments below.

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