The 20 Best Men’s Manicure Sets 2021

The Best Men’s Manicure Sets

We’ve all got to clip our nails.

Neatly groomed nails look attractive. Your boss will see that you have your act together. And your girl will appreciate it, too.

But even more important, it’s a question of good health.

If you trim them, you’re less likely to have ingrown nails and infections.

It protects your socks from holes and your toes from damage during sports (1).

Maybe you’ve been using a rusty pair of clippers in the family bathroom. Put those down.

It’s more hygienic to have your own grooming tools.

Grab one of the best men’s manicure sets here and go get the job done right.

How should men take care of their nails?

Did you know that fingernails grow a little more than one-tenth of an inch each month? (2)

You can cut them with clippers or scissors – it’s up to you.

One trim per week should be enough to keep them neat.

Toenails grow a little slower, so clip them once every other week.

Although it’s tempting to grab the biggest pair of clippers you have and snip each nail just once, that’s not necessarily the best solution.

You’ll get better results if you make smaller cuts to remove most of the white end of the nail. Then you can file the edges to shape them.

Why bother with filing?

It keeps your nails from snagging on clothing or other items. It only adds another minute or two to the process, anyway.

If you have thick nails that are difficult to trim, soak them in water first.

Also, if you have cuticles that are growing down over the nails, you can push them back or trim them.

Now, let’s get to the reviews of the best manicure sets for men.

Top 20 Men’s Manicure Set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels 5-Piece Complete Grooming Set

Who makes the best manicure set?

Some might say it’s Henckels. They are a German company that specializes in metal crafting. You may have Henckels knives in your kitchen.

This grooming set contains five tools for your fingers, toes, and face.

All the satin finish tools are stamped with the company emblem and packaged in an Italian leather case.

They include a folding nail clipper, a nail cleaner/cuticle pusher, slant tweezers, a nail file with a sapphire finish, and facial hair scissors with rounded tips.

The nail clipper won an award for its design and usability.

GERmanikure Solingen 5pcs Manicure Set

Here is another German-made manicure set. All the tools store in a leather roll-up case.

The kit includes cuticle nippers, nail scissors, tweezers, a cuticle stick, and a crystal nail file.

Everything is hand-crafted from high-carbon stainless steel (except for the nail file which is made of Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic).

The set has a lifetime warranty.

Budd Leather 7-Piece Manicure Set

The Budd Leather kit is also from Germany. It’s packaged in a leather case that measures 3.5 x 6 inches.

It comes with nail scissors, a nail cleaner, cuticle nippers, a cuticle pusher, tweezers, a sapphire nail file, and a cuticle knife.

All of the tools are chrome-plated to resist rusting.

Seki Edge Adonis 9-Piece Grooming Kit

Green Bell is a Japanese manufacturer that makes the Seki Edge series of grooming tools. They are internationally renowned for quality products.

This kit includes stainless steel implements like nostril scissors, fingernail clippers, a nail file, tweezers, a mirror, a cleaning brush, a flat head screwdriver, a sewing kit, and a multi-tool pocketknife.

The pocketknife includes a bottle opener, nail file, and blade.

Everything stores in the synthetic leather zippered case.

Although you might not use each one of these tools every day, they are surprisingly useful.

You could toss the extras (like the sewing kit) into your bug-out bag.

TakumiNoWaza G-3104 – Craftsman Luxury 9-Piece Grooming Kit

Also, from Green Bell in Seki, Japan comes the luxury Takuminowaza kit.

It differs from the one above, although it comes with a zippered synthetic leather storage case.

The tools here include stainless steel clippers, nippers, nail file, cuticle pusher and cleaner, slant tweezers, and nostril scissors.

It’s designed as a men’s travel manicure set.

Takumi No Waza G-3103 – Craftsman Luxury 6-Piece Grooming Kit

If you’re not interested in extras, try this men’s nail grooming set instead.

It focuses on necessary equipment like toenail and fingernail clippers, nippers, a nail file, a slant tweezer, and nostril scissors.

The clippers are well-designed and straightforward to use. They don’t have that problem that some clippers do where the upper lever pops out of place.

Everything fits neatly in the genuine leather zippered case.

Nippes Luxury Manicure 6-Piece Set

Let’s head back to Solingen, Germany, where so many of the finest stainless steel tools in the world are crafted.

The Nippes manicure set is handmade under strict quality control, not mass-produced. All the steel is hot-forged and hardened to last for a lifetime.

It’s from a company founded almost a century ago. It’s still run by the same family.

The kit includes nail scissors, cuticle scissors, tweezers, nail cleaner and cuticle pusher, and a sapphire nail file.

You’ll find that each tool has an ergonomic design. They store in a sturdy Italian cowhide pouch with a zipper closure.

3 Swords Germany – Manicure Pedicure Set Kit

You guessed it – this is another manicure set from Germany. But it’s a lot less expensive than other brands from the same place.

The genuine leather case holds all the handmade hardened steel tools. Each one is nickel-plated against corrosion.

They include fingernail and toenail clippers, cuticle scissors, nail scissors, a cuticle remover, tweezers, a sapphire nail file, a nail cleaner, and nail nipper, a glass nail file, and a cuticle trimmer.

If you’re not sure which tool does what, the instructions explain them. For example, you won’t want to use cuticle scissors to trim nails as they have filigree tips.

Then, both of the nail files have fine and coarse sides. The metal file is spring steel coated with ground sapphire.

Finally, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee.

3 Swords Germany 8-Piece Kit

Choose from a variety of case designs when you choose this kit. The one I selected is camouflage, but carbon fiber, black, and other colors are available.

Inside, you’ll find fingernail clippers, toenail clippers, tweezers, cuticle scissors, nail scissors, a double-sided glass nail file, a double-sided sapphire nail file, and a nail pusher/cleaner.

Everything is handmade from hardened steel with nickel plating.

But take note that the clippers aren’t made in Germany. That may be why the price isn’t as high compared to other brands.

Ben Sherman Men’s Edgeware 10-Piece Personal Grooming Set

The durable case of this manicure set looks like leather, but it’s man-made.

It measures three and a quarter inches tall by five and a half inches wide.

One side holds fingernail and toenail clippers, nail scissors, cuticle nippers, and tweezers. Then, the other has a nail file, nail cleaner, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer, and ear pick.

Although I can’t vouch for your safety using the ear pick, the steel tools are excellent quality for the price.

Tweezerman 40871-Mg Essential Grooming Kit

I’m sure you’ve heard of TWEEZERMAN. They were established about thirty-five years ago as an expert in beauty tools.

Their G-E-A-R Essential kit comes with stainless steel clippers, facial hair scissors, pointed tweezers, and a multi-use nail tool.

The finely-pointed tweezers come in handy for pulling out ingrown hairs or splinters with pinpoint accuracy.

Next, the multi-tool features a nail cleaner, cuticle pusher, and nail file with an abrasive nickel surface.

All the tools have hand-filed edges, too.

Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit

Yes, the nail file has a pink handle. I’m aware that your wife may mistake this for her tools. You may have to purchase two sets and give her one.

But if you can look past color choices, this is very handy for travel.

It comes with clippers, a nail file, tweezers, and a nail cleaner/cuticle pusher.

Each tool has an ergonomic design. All the metal is buffed smooth and nickel-plated for durability.

Dockers Men’s 9-Piece Zip Around Manicure Gift Set

If you’re worried less about the case and more about the contents, check out this kit from Dockers.

The zippered man-made leather case is adequate. But what’s more interesting are the tools inside.

They include everything you need for an overnighter.

There is a black plastic comb, a folding toothbrush, clippers for toenails or fingernails, hair trimming scissors, tweezers, a nail cleaner, a nail file, and more.

Revlon Men’s Series Essentials Grooming Kit

If you just want the basics, Revlon’s kit is a good choice. It’s high quality for the price.

The compact zippered case includes slant tweezers, a two-ended nail file that also pushes cuticles, nail clippers, and grooming scissors with rounded tips.

Take note that the nail clippers are special.

One end has a curved edge and the other a straight edge.

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife

One of my favorite manicure sets for guys comes in an ultra-compact design.

It’s the Swiss Army knife of grooming. Of course, it’s made in Switzerland and comes with a lifetime warranty.

You can even ask them to engrave it with up to ten characters.

There are five tools with six functions inside the walnut-paneled pocketknife.

They include a blade with nail cleaner, clippers, scissors, tweezers, a toothpick, and a key ring.

The clippers are ingenious in that they fold up compactly inside the knife but deploy easily.

Then, the scissors have serrated edges that never get dull.

The whole package measures only two and a half inches long when folded up.

Remington TLG-100ACDN Precision Grooming Travel Kit

This is a grooming and manicure set all-in-one. Get it for your desk at work or your weekend bag.

Remington packs in a battery-operated groomer with adjustable combs, a mustache comb, tweezers, nail file, scissors, cleaning brush, hair comb, detail trimmer head, and nose/ear trimmer head.

In other words, you can clean up your neckline and sideburns, trim your nails, and generally make yourself presentable on the go.

Harperton Nail Clipper Set – Fingernail and Toenail Clipper

If you want a durable set of fingernail and toenail clippers, try this one.

They come with a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If there’s a problem, you can get a free replacement.

STEINDER Premium Nail Clippers

Have you ever seen nail clippers with a rotating head? Then take a look at this set.

They find the right angle for you so you don’t have to contort yourself to trim your nails.

Both tools are made in Korea from premium-grade stainless steel.

Kohm WHS-448L Heavy Duty, Straight Edge Nail Clipper, Large Wide Jaw

Some guys have big, thick toenails that destroy clippers.

That’s where this tool from Kohm comes in handy.

It opens up wider than the average toenail clippers.

The blades are stainless steel and the handle is zinc alloy. It’s got good leverage and an ergonomic grip.

There’s also a built-in swing-out file with a curved tip for cleaning underneath nails.

FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set

With the plethora of inexpensive manicure sets available online, I couldn’t ignore this example.

It gets good reviews and passed the Fakespot test, too. In other words, it’s worth a second look if you’re on a budget.

All you’ll get are the basics: toenail clippers, fingernail clippers, and a nail file with a pointed tip for cleaning underneath. Everything stores in a little synthetic leather pouch.

The tools are stainless steel with a zinc alloy. The levers on the clippers are thoughtfully designed with an anti-slip texture.

Plus, everything is colored black, which makes them stand out.


Get yourself a decent manicure set. You deserve it. Your nails will be better for it.

There are plenty of tools that get the job done efficiently and quickly. You don’t need to get all the extras if you don’t plan to use them.

If you found a men’s manicure kit today that you find worthwhile, tell us about it in the comments below.

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