The 18 Best Razors to Shave Head Bald 2021

While the pandemic still exists, countless businesses have gone down because of strict interaction policies. One of those businesses is the hair grooming business.

It can be a great time to experience sporting a bald head since it can bring you comfort amidst stressful circumstances.

To shave your head bald, you need the best razor that you can possibly purchase and this article will provide you a list of the best razors to shave head bald.

What To Look For When Choosing Best Razor To Shave Head Bald?

Before buying a razor for shaving your head, you need to consider some things like the types, sensitivity, and other else.

Here are the considerations that you have to think of:

Razor Type

There are 3 common types of razors: electric, cartridge (or disposable), and safety. Each of them has its own pros and cons when using to shave the head bald.

You can try all the types if you want to but prefer to stick on what usually gives you the most comfortable so that in case you can’t do the shaving, you can easily instruct others how to use it.

Ease Of Gripping And Handling

Gripping and handling the razor is important. It is advantageous to use a razor that is easy to maneuver to shave the awkward spots.

Although there is a proper way to shave the head, not all heads are the same, and not all men have good hand-eye coordination.

Razor’s Length

Not only how firm your grip on the razor is important but also how much adjustment you can able to make.

Spots are needing some reach and some spots need short grazing. The length of the razor must be following the range of motion you will be doing.

Number Of Blades

Some shavers have single blade action while others have multiple despite being disposable. Having many blades guarantees you that in one stroke, many hair strands are removed as much as possible.

However, there can be enough blades fitted in a razor’s head plus you need to consider the razor type.

Razor’s Material

The material of a razor depends on what type it is. Disposable types are commonly made from plastic while the safety types are made usually from metal.

The electric razor is a bit complicated assembly since it has electrical components inside. Whatever it is, the important part is that the razor must be durable and will not easily break while used to prevent unnecessary cuts.

Skin Sensitivity

Each scalp can be unique from others not just genetically but also currently.

Some may be born with smooth skin but due to dirt and other unhealthy factors, pimples and other unwanted mild skin growths can appear.

It is beneficial to consider the current state of your scalp when purchasing the razor.


Some razors are excellent in quality but for a frequent shaver, they are just too much.

Purchase a razor that you can afford and base the budget on how frequently you can use it.

A razor can be an investment since you will be using it regularly for your own benefit, much like the toothbrush.

Types Of Razors

To guide you on what type of razor to choose, here are the breakdowns of each razor type and their advantages over the other types:

Electric Razors for Bald Head


  • They can be easy to use for beginners
  • They have more protective features due to the different methods of trimming hair.
  • You don’t need to cut your hair before shaving bald.
  • They can be long lasting if there are no technical difficulties.


  • They can be bulky and might be heavy to maneuver.
  • They can cost more due to moving parts stimulated by electricity and also including the electrical costs.
  • Once there is a technical difficulty, if the razor is irreparable, you will need to toss the whole product.

Cartridge Razors


  • They can be cheaper since they are made to be used for a limited amount of time and then, disposed of safely.
  • They can shave the head cleanly since you can maneuver well due to its lightweight.
  • They can be ideal to bring while traveling.


  • Since they are made for limited use only, they can be expensive if you constantly purchase it for everyday usage.
  • The fixed heads don’t adjust that much or contour following the skull’s shape.
  • You need to cut your hair and make it as short as possible to use the shaver.

Safety Razors


  • They are made mostly from metal and are very durable to use.
  • They have excellent shaving output compared to other razors.
  • The heads can adjust to the surface of the skull.
  • They can also be portable.


  • Using this type of shave is not suitable for beginners.
  • Since they are not disposable and are made from metal, they can be expensive.
  • Cutting the hair to its shortest length possible is needed before using the razor to shave.

Reviews Of The Best Razor To Shave Head Bald

Gillette’s Mach3 Men’s Razor

Gillette, arguably the most well-known razor company, produces very great shavers.

In fact, this product, the Mach 3, can be said to be one of the topmost, best razor ever invented.

It is a product of extreme research, from the triple-blade action to the ergonomics of its usage.

Gliding through a shave is much satisfying when you use this product. Due to its top-notch blades, replacing the cartridges might be costly.

Schick’s Xtreme 3 Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor

This disposable razor is made for sensitive skin. Some scalps react unfavorably when hair follicles are removed due to the method of removal.

With Xtreme 3, you will be guaranteed a rash-free shave.

Aside from that, it is equipped with tripe blade action but the best part is the flexibility of the blades that allow smooth shaving along the head’s curvature.

BIC’s Flex 5 Hybrid Disposable Razor

This is another disposable razor but the difference is the quintuple blade action. With 5 blades used, a very clean shave is guaranteed in one stroke.

Aside from that, the blades are situated to be flexible when used and thus, you won’t have a hard time leveling through the small bumps.

Vitamin E and aloe lubrication strips are also included as a feature to keep the skin from irritation.

Bevel’s Safety Razor

This product is a safety razor, meaning it is already given that it is durable. Aside from that, it caters to the skin’s sensitivity by shaving on a skin level.

Skin level shaving means that the blades will not reach further to the hair roots and will not cause skin irritation.

The textured handle and solid weight all add to its ease of gripping and handling. And like all safety razors, it takes time to master the usage.

SKEY’s Electric Razor

This electric razor utilizes rotary shavers. The heads are circular in shape in which the method of trimming is that the blades are spinning internally similar to a grass cutter machine.

The heads follow easily the skull contours for that smooth gliding of the razor.

It can run wirelessly through its 90-minute capacity rechargeable battery and even has an LED indicator display for the battery percentage.

Omnishaver’s Premium Omnishaver

The product Premium Omnishaver has a different feel compared to other typical shavers. The design is an oval-shaped head with two blade sets inside.

One set is pointing in one direction while the other set is pointing in the opposite side.

The purpose is to increase the coverage of shaving and makes it capable to shave while reversing the stroke.

Andis’ 01557 Professional Hair Clipper

This electric razor or more technically called as ‘hair clipper’ can able to shave the head with a whooping 14,000 strokes in one minute.

Not only you can cut your hair, but you can also really shave it down to skin-deep.

It is ideal for those who are new to shaving their own head bald. The downer is that the razor is not that portable since it needs to be plugged into a wall outlet.

Nicewell’s Hair Clippers

If you have short hair and want to trim it down to the skin level, this electric razor can do the job well.

The product contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can enable you to use it for 3 hours straight wirelessly.

It has a set of numerous head guards and the operation doesn’t generate that much noise.

ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit

This product is a starter kit and that alone guarantees a great investment. The kit includes the Headslick razor, which is a water-soluble, safety razor type.

It also contains other detachable heads and shaving cream – basically everything you need when you want to learn to shave bald.

The design of the razor is that of a toy car wherein as you shave, it is similar to having a toy car moving along your head’s scalp.

Gillette’s Fusion5 ProGlide

This other Gillette entry is somewhat similar yet with a few differences. It is equipped with quintuple blade action and a feature called ‘flexball’ technology.

The feature makes the razor able to shave along the contours of the head very well.

Aside from that, it has a ‘lubrastrip’ for lubrication while shaving along and a ‘micro comb’ which prepares the incoming hair strand to be shaven properly.

With such features, the product can rival the other Gillette product on the top seat as the best disposable razor.

Merkur’s Long Handled Safety Razor

Being known as a German brand assures the user that such detail and precision were put on the design.

This Merkur product has a long handle which makes it easy to make longer strokes and more shaving coverage in one movement.

Aside from that, the blades required are inexpensive and therefore, it is ideal in using the shaver countless times for a long period.

Wahl’s Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver/Shaper

This electrical razor is so good and easy to operate that using it makes you feel like a professional hair trimmer.

You can expect a total cut, from shortening the hair to shaving on a skin level.

The razor is ideal for those who have sensitive skin. The gold foil found on the blades is hypoallergenic.

The razor also can operate wirelessly which can be recharged in under an hour.

Parker’s 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

When it comes to design and construction, Parker razors can rival Merkur’s. The 96R has a long handle that makes grip adjustment very convenient.

The best feature it has in comparison to most safety razors is the ease of changing the blades.

Unfortunately, using the product requires a decent amount of time to practice to achieve a great shave.

Parker’s 99R Long Handle Razor

Another entry for Parker, the 99R is somewhat similar to 96R. It has also a long handle for easy grip adjustment and the blades can be easily replaced with its ‘butterfly opening’ feature.

The difference may be in terms of weight. However, the trade-off of being able to easily replace the blades is the loosening of the blade security and therefore, caution must be observed in every replacing.

Vikings Blade’s The Chieftain Safety Razor

This safety razor takes safety literally as it is known to prevent unwanted cuts, has a system avoiding misalignment of the blades, and applies a cut-adjustment operation on each shaving stroke.

It also has a butterfly opening mechanism for easy replacing of blades. The safety razor comes with a sophisticated-looking case as storage.

Merkur’s Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

This is the second entry for Merkur on the list. This time, the safety razor has a double-sided blade.

Having such a blade makes it easy to shave in whatever direction and it can be great for those users who wanted to perfect the technique in using a safety razor.

Aside from the expected German precision and functionality of the design, the blades are not that expensive to be replaced. It is ideal for constant usage while considering portability.

BIC’s Silky Touch Twin Blade Disposable Razor

This is another BIC disposable razor. It has a dual blade action which can fairly deliver a great cut at its best.

This product is preferable when you need a good, clean shave while having massive restrictions on the budget.

Compared to most of the products in the list, this might be the least performing but when affordability is also factored in, it can rank among the top 3.

Schick’s Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors

As the second entry of Schick, it seems that their products are meant for sensitive skin.

The difference between this product and the Xtreme 3 is that the former utilizes a lubrication strip situated at the front and the center.

The strip gel is made from a formula of coconut oil. Aside from that, it has quintuple blade action and the blade head is flexible.


Whatever type of razor you use for shaving your head bald, make sure to prioritize comfort.

Any discomfort during usage, maybe due to unfamiliarity, loosening of grip, or difficulty in maneuvering, can lead to a compromise in safety and might result in unwanted cuts.

Select the razor also that is easy to be handled by someone you trust with your hair grooming.

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