How to Grow a Ducktail Beard?

How to Grow a Ducktail Beard?

What is a ducktail beard?

This is one of the most convenient and versatile beards. The ducktail beard is suave and smooth with a touch of a rugged and casual look.

It does not only improve your facial structure but also gives you a long and slimming appearance. A mustache and/or goatee goes well with beard style.

The mustache, however, needs to be long enough for you to have the best look.

This beard style matches perfectly with different top fade haircuts. A ducktail beard can be short or long, depending on your preference. Now, let’s learn how to grow and trim a ducktail beard.

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Preparation Steps For Ducktail Styling

What You Need


This is a product that is very good at getting rid of dead skin cells from your facial skin.

We recommend Brickell Men’s Renewing Face Scrub, Lumin Men’s Exfoliating Rub, and Stay Sharp Men’s Exfoliating Face Scrub.

Beard Oil

This is a cosmetic oil that is specifically formulated for men. It helps nourish both the beard and the facial skin. It keeps the beard smooth, shiny, and soft.

We recommend Mountaineer Beard Oil, Crafted Dukes Beard Oil, and Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Allow Your Beard to Grow

Allow Your Beard to Grow
Allow Your Beard to Grow Naturally To Make A Ducktail Beard

There are a few rules you need to adhere to during the growth process.

First, don’t shave any part of your beard that is already grown and continues to grow, especially the chin area and the sides.

The most ideal length for shaping a ducktail beard would be 2 to 4 inches. And since a beard grows about 0.5 inches per month, so it’ll take you around 2 to 4 months to achieve.

Second, take a picture of your beard growth every day for a month to document the growth process.

This allows you to see what you have to work with. After a month or two, you can effectively understand how your beard grows.

Tip: Check out the essential oils for beard growth to help your beard grow faster.

Step 2: Exfoliate Your Facial Skin

Exfoliate Your Facial Skin
You Need To Exfoliate Your Facial Skin To Help Beard Grow Faster (Source: Youtuber Alex Costa)

Exfoliate your facial skin at least once a week.

What an exfoliating product does is remove all those pesky dead skin cells that cover your facial skin underneath the beard. You also help prevent ingrown hairs. This product makes it easier for the beard to grow.

Use circular motions when working the product into your skin. Once you are satisfied that the exfoliator has done its job, go ahead and rinse your face with warm water.

You can also consider using oils that are enriched with eucalyptus (it is said to have outstanding hair growth properties).

Step 3: Improve Your Diet

You must go the extra mile in your efforts in the quest for a handsome ducktail beard. You can do this by improving your diet.

We advise you to include omega 3, multi-vitamins, and biotin in your diet. Your hair depends a lot on your nutrition and that applies to the hair all over your body, including your beard.

Step 4: Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Increase Your Testosterone Levels
Exercise to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone plays a vital role in beard growth. This hormone helps stimulate facial hair growth but it is not a measure of how much testosterone you are producing.

To increase the levels of testosterone in your body, you will have to exercise. Workouts like strength training and weightlifting can effectively increase your testosterone levels.

How to Sculpt Out a Ducktail Beard

You should have enough beard all-rounded for trimming your ducktail beard after two to four months. You need a beard trimmer or multi-styler for this step.

Step 1: Prep the Beard for Trimming

Prep the Beard for Trimming 
Comb the Beard. (Source: Youtuber DHRME)

You need to comb or brush the beard to make sure that it is straighter and neater for easy and effective trimming. Then choose a ducktail beard style that is ideal for your face shape.

Step 2: Shape Out a Rough Ducktail

Shape Out a Rough Ducktail
Shape Your Ducktail Beard. (Source: Youtuber DHRME) 

Start by carving the ideal ducktail shape. Use a pair of scissors, trimmer or a multi-styler without a guard comb to shape a two to four-inch ducktail.

You have to be very careful not to mess up the beard that took you long to grow.

Step 3: Clean the Rough Edges

Clean the Rough Edges
Clean the Rough Edges. (Source: Youtuber DHRME)

Use a beard comb to brush your trimmed beard into a well-defined ducktail shape. Then decide on your preferred chin length, depending on your face shape and preference.

Trim the neckline at the top of Adam’s apple and keep the sides short.

You need to maintain a symmetrical appearance, so you have to be careful with the lines and edges. You can use a beard shaping tool for superior symmetry along the lines and edges.

Step 4: Maintain Your Ducktail Beard

Maintain Your Ducktail Beard
Maintain Your Ducktail Beard. (Source:

Growing your beard and trimming it into the perfect ducktail beard style is just half the job. You need to be very active in maintaining it.

Washing, trimming, redefining the edges and lines, and grooming are all important when caring for your ducktail beard.

Exfoliating and washing get rid of any dead skin cell buildup, trimming, and redefining help maintain the appropriate size (especially on the chin) and shape.

Grooming, on the other hand, detangles the beard, re-distributes natural oils, helps maintain normal beard growth and makes your ducktail beard look fuller, sharper, and neater.

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You also can see the detailed steps of ducktail beard styling in the following video:

Face Shapes That Work With A Ducktail Beard

If you are new to this beard style, we suggest you confirm that it matches your face shape first. This unique beard looks good on men with the following face shapes:

  • Inverted triangle
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Diamond

You can try out ducktail beard style if you have a square-shaped or heart face, but you have to make a few adjustments when styling for a better look.

Medium-Length Ducktail Beard
Medium-Length Ducktail Beard. Ideal for Round Face
Pointy Ducktail Beard
Pointy Ducktail Beard. Ideal for Inverted Triangle Face
Long Ducktail Beard
Long Ducktail Beard. Ideal for Rectangular Face


A ducktail is a great beard style that is not hard to grow. You just have to give your full beard time to grow before you can shape it into an attractive ducktail.

You can boost the growth with the help of a good diet, workouts, and beard growth products. But here is the thing, this style isn’t for you if you have patchy or scanty beard growth.

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