The 16 Best Brushes for 360 Waves 2021

360 waves are among the boldest and stylish hairstyles among African-American men.

Although they first became popular in the nineties, their sleek, sexy look has never gone out of style.

What many people don’t realize is that a lot of hard work and commitment goes into maintaining 360 waves.

And the biggest secret to getting perfect waves is an excellent hairbrush.

What are 360 waves, and how do you get them?

360 waves is a hairstyle that became trendy in the nineties when African-American R&B artists and rappers would enhance the natural waves in their short, coarse hair.

It’s not a simple haircut—it’s a process of training your hair to curl up in a certain way to get smooth waves spiraling around your head.

These waves were brushed meticulously away from the head’s crown so that all the waves line up and create a never-ending spiral around the cowlick.

You can’t just decide you want waves today only to turn your back against it a week later because your 360 patterns aren’t turning up the way you had hoped; it takes a lot of time.

There’s an entire process to go through to perfect this kind of wave pattern in your hair, but let me run you through a typical regimen.

  • Get a good haircut before you even think of brushing your waves out. Then get a short, close-cut, but make sure it’s not so short that you don’t see your scalp anymore. When that’s done, you’re ready for the 360 wave process.
  • Use a wave-enhancing shampoo and conditioner when you shower. This type of shampoo helps activate your curl, which regular shampoos might not do. When you step out of the shower, apply some pomade or moisturizer to keep your hair hydrated and set it in place.
  • Now for the most important step—brushing. The tension of pulling the hair back and letting it go creates a clean wave pattern, so you have to master the right way to brush your hair for this look to work.
  • Brush your hair outwards from the cowlick—towards your forehead up top, down to your chin by the sides, and to your neck at the bottom. The cowlick has to be the center point.

You have to brush your hair repetitively with the best brushes for 360 waves until you see a consistent wave pattern that forms a clean circular pattern going around your head. The entire brushing process can take up to fifteen minutes.

Put a du-rag on your hair when you’re done to keep your waves in place while the hair dries.

Leave it on for about half an hour, and voila! Perfect 360 waves.

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What is the best kind of brush for 360 waves?

A good brush is your secret weapon to maintaining consistently sleek 360 waves.

Using an ordinary brush with plastic bristles can promote frizziness in coarse, textured hair. So it’s important to get yourself a high-quality wave brush designed for African-American waves.

Wave brushes usually have natural bristles—like from boar or horse—spaced out to avoid snagging on your strands. Bristles can go from soft to medium to hard, depending on your hair type.

Harder bristles brush out thicker hair to promote waves but can be scratchy on the scalp if you have less hair.

On the other hand, Softer bristles are gentle enough for fine hair but still position your waves into a sleek circular form.

You can also choose between wave brushes that have handles or those that fit perfectly in your palm.

Palm brushes give easier control of your strokes, so they’re great for newbies. But brushes with handles have a lot more ease of use because they’re very comfortable.

Natural bristles also help spread the natural oils in your scalp along the body of your hair. This keeps your hair moisturized and shiny for longer.

Need help looking for the perfect 360 wave brush? Here are some of the best ones.

The 16 Best Brush for 360 Waves

Kingston Grooming Co. Wave Brush for Men

This palm brush is among the crème of the crop among wave brushes. It’s made only of premium quality boar hair of the finest grade, without any nylon fillers.

The bristles are heavily reinforced into the beechwood holder, so you know they’re sturdy and will last a long time.

The shape of the brush also has a contoured shape to fit nicely on the crevices of your head as you create those perfect waves.

Torino Pro Medium Wave Brush #1500

If you want a structured and controlled wave pattern without much effort, go for this pro wave palm brush by Torino.

The boar bristles of this brush are not too hard and not overly soft, which means it gives you the structure you want without being too harsh on your scalp.

It’s fantastic for short hair, especially since it’s curved to fit your head perfectly as you brush.

Wolfin Pro Premium Curved 360 Wave Brush

Another palm brush you can look into if you’re all about superior quality is this one by Wolfin Pro.

It’s made only with the best materials, from the palm handle to the bristles.

It’s made from a high-static Schima Superba wood to ensure top quality.

The natural boar bristles, on the other hand, are cut with a rounded tip to ensure gentleness on your fine hair.

Kingston Grooming Co. Firm Wave Brush for Men

If you have thicker, coarser hair that needs a bit more help getting waves into the right position, you’ll appreciate a firmer brush like this one.

This brush is made with 50% boar and 50% nylon bristles to get that right balance of conditioning and structure. It’s the best combo for leaving your hair shiny and in the perfect 360 patterns.

The brush has a slight contour to make sure you get maximum contact on your face and beard.

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

If you’re looking for a brush that can be used by both men and women, you can opt for this set.

Because you get more than a brush, it makes for a great present for special occasions too.

The brush is made with boar bristles in thick bands to make sure they get into your roots to distribute your natural oils along your hair shaft.

It has no nylon fillers that can scratch your scalp, so it’s safe for those with fine hair.

Spoview Premium Wave Brush

This wave brush is made only with high-quality medium boar bristles for fixing up your waves properly. It also has an arc to it to perfectly hug the contours of your head.

This brush has a charming military camo design to give your hair tools a bit more personality and a touch of charming masculinity.

The print is painted on with damp-proof paint onto the sturdy beechwood handle.

Torino Pro Wave Soft Curve Brush #640

If you have shorter, finer hair that can’t handle tough and stiff bristles, go for this brush by Torino.

It has softer bristles that can be gentle on your scalp and hair without compromising your 360 waves’ effectiveness.

This soft brush gets rid of frizziness and allows you to polish your waves, so it’s great for brushing throughout the day or finishing off your look when you’ve taken off your du-rag.

KISS Red Premium Pocket Wave Curved Palm Brush

For a more luxurious vibe to your 360 wave brushing, try out this palm brush from KISS.

It comes in a sleek and modern heavy-duty brush case, so it’s great to bring around everywhere.

It’s an oval-shaped palm brush made with 100% natural boar bristles with high density, so you only get consistent waves around your head.

Osmofuze Premium Wave Brush

If you’re a bit on the younger side and want a fun-looking design on your brush as you practice training your waves, you’ll love this wave brush by Osmofuze.

Its medium-hard bristles and palm brush design is perfect for beginners with very short hair. The brush gives you more control of the direction your waves should flow in for flawless, defined 360 waves.

It also has a charming spiderweb design, perfect for young ones.

Torino Pro Hard Wave Brush #1840

This Torino brush is unique because it has hard and firm bristles perfect for thick and coarse hair.

The tough bristles are far apart from each other to add more definition to your waves. It also has a handle for easy brushing.

If you’re struggling to find a brush that is tough enough for your unruly, hard to manage hair, this one might be the wave brush you’ve been looking for.

Waveology White Rectangular Curved 360 Wave Brush

For a more sleek and chic-looking brush, go for this white, rectangular palm brush by Waveology.

It has premium boar bristles that lay your waves properly on your head and activate your natural curl pattern. The medium-soft bristles are comfortable for those with more sensitive scalps.

Though it’s in the shape of a rectangle, it still has that slight angle to help reach all the nooks and crannies of your head.

Roman-T Medium Hard 360 Wave Brush

Thick and coarse hair sometimes needs a little extra pull when brushing to get your waves the way you want them.

If your unruly hair is giving you trouble, try out this Roman-T palm brush with medium-hard bristles.

The bristles are fairly tough and will line your waves up in a symmetrical pattern to get that coveted 360-look without snagging on your strands.

It also helps make your hair look more glossy because it’s great at spreading your natural oils through your strands.

Torino Pro Wave Curved Soft Brush #50

This brush is unique because it’s packed with lots of soft boar bristles, so it’s an awesome finisher for your looks after the hair dries in a du-rag.

Some of the bristles are extra long to help lay down your hair without sacrificing that tension as you pull. It’s a very delicate brush, so it’s perfect for dry hair.

GranNaturals Men’s Boar Bristle Hair Brush

This brush has a sturdy, heavy-duty brush made of real wood, so it’s sturdy enough to last for a long time even with the rigorous grooming men undertake every day.

The boar bristles had medium stiffness, so it’s terrific for training your waves to go in a specific direction as you brush. It’s strong enough to style thick, stubborn hair.

At the same time, it’s very flexible and comfortable on the scalp.

Diane Curved 100% Boar Military Brush Soft Bristles D1002

Do you hate seeing your boar brushes shed over time?

If so, you’ll love this curved palm brush by Diane.

It’s made with advanced implantation technology to help reduce bristle shedding, so you’re assured of resilient brush bristles.

These soft yet sturdy boar bristles are ideal for forming and maintaining the waves in your hair, especially the long ones.

Like all good-quality brushes, this one has a slight contour to adhere to the shape of your head.

Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush

Who says you have to choose between hard and medium bristles to get a good hair day? Try out this two-sided club brush by Diane to get the most out of both bristle stiffness levels.

Use the side with harder bristles if your hair is getting a little thick and needs some tough love to retain its 360 wave pattern.

Meanwhile, the medium side is perfect for everyday use and finishing off your 360 wave brushing session.


Waves that go around your head in a sleek and perfect fashion takes a lot of dedication to master—it’s never easy looking that good.

Plus, training your waves can be a fun and even therapeutic way of pampering and taking care of yourself to ensure you look snatched every single day.

Don’t pressure yourself into investing in an expensive boar brush unless you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to commit to the minutes and hours it takes to perfect your waves.

But if you’re up for the challenge and know you can handle the meticulousness and diligence that goes into this hairstyle, pick up one of the best brushes for 360 waves on this list and get started on your journey to poppin’ 360 waves.

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