Can You Wax Your Head? How Long Can The Result Last?

wax your head


Can you wax your head? The answer is a big Yes. You might find it tiresome having to shave your head constantly. Rather, waxing is an easier hair removal alternative that promises a long-lasting and smooth result. Still, it is not a proper choice for your scalp if not done correctly.

To limit the effect of the waxing method on the scalp, you had better learn about it before stripping your follicles bare. Let’s dive into today’s article for further details.

What is Head Waxing? The Differences Between Head Waxing and Head Shaving?

What is Head Waxing?

In addition to shaving, head waxing is another popular choice for those who want a bold and clean look. Still, head waxing isn’t as comfortable as leg or hand waxing as the follicles on the scalp are susceptible and quite sensitive to damage.

Head Waxing
Head Waxing

When it comes to head waxing, it’s typically a process involving hair removal from your scalp with wax. Waxing can provide you a smooth and long-lasting result, and it is the best option for the head.

It is worth noting that waxing is not all fun and games; you will need a rather high pain tolerance. It might be an excruciating experience for those who wax their hair for the first time.

Why Would You Wax Your Head?

Instead of cutting or shaving their head, many people choose head waxing as they want to have a clean bald head that is shiny and smooth without any bumps and ingrown hair irritations from shaving.

Moreover, the hair doesn’t grow as quickly as with shaving; thus, they do not have to worry about frequent waxing. It takes about 3-4 weeks for the hair to grow after waxing.

Head Waxing Vs. Head Shaving

Shaving means you cut your hair close to its root but not pull out the roots themselves, unlike waxing. Wax can eliminate all the hair.

So what happens if you wax your head?

Well, this method not only makes your head bald but also leaves shiny and smooth skin, which shaving cannot provide you. Moreover, you will not need to focus on delivering even cuts on your head.

Hair Shaving
Hair Shaving

By applying hair waxing products on your head, you can remove all the hair fast and effectively, saving much time compared to shaving. However, as mentioned above, waxing can cause much pain to your scalp.

So if you do not want to suffer a painful process, shaving is surely the proper choice.

Can You Wax Your Head? Is It Safe To Wax Your Head?

Yes, you can.

We provide three options of head waxing for your consideration.

We highly recommend you to go for a wax containing shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and argan oil (cold-pressed).

These ingredients can allow the head skin to shine after the waxing process is done. Remember that you need to avoid using products containing harsh chemicals like sulfates, alcohol, petrol chemicals as they can surely irritate and dry the skin.

In terms of waxing safety, you can rest assured that it’s safe. However, the largest challenge with head waxing is the painfulness.

But no pain no gain; the waxing outcomes are outstanding. Your bald head will look clean, shiny, and smooth.

On top of that, the hair will not grow quickly, so that you do not need to wax frequently. Also, it is worth noting that the skin on the head is considerably thicker than the general skin, which is why your head’s skin objects to the procedure.

So, go for waxing only when you are mentally well-prepared.

Pros Of Waxing Your Head

  • Hair removal altogether
  • Shiny and moisturized bald head
  • Slow long hair regrowth
  • No bumps or ingrown hair irritations

Cons of Waxing Your Head

  • Painful feel during head waxing procedure
  • Need the support of professionals in the beginning

How To Wax A Bald Head

If you have already decided you want head waxing as you do not want to bother shaving your head again, below are the steps you can consider to wax your head properly.

Bald Head
Bald Head

But first, keep in mind that it is best to let your hair be at least 1/4th in length. Do not wax long hair; the process will be more challenging. Trim it to 1/4th long and wax.

Step 1: Patch test

The first and foremost step is to carry out a patch test.

You can use some wax on the hand and wait for several minutes to see whether the chemicals in the waxing products may irritate your head.

Step 2: Scalp Washing & Dry Before Using The Wax

In this way, grime and dirt can be eliminated from the hair.

Next, you need to dry it before applying any wax. And then you need to prepare a room in which you can wax.

It is ideal for waxing in the bathroom as you can see yourself in the mirror.

Step 3: Read Usage Note Carefully

It is entirely up to you whether you prefer hot or cold wax. So it is best to research and seek the best wax for your scalp and head.

Besides, you need to read the products’ ingredients carefully and choose ones whose content includes fewer chemicals and more moisturizing properties.

Step 4: Applying Wax Product To The Head

Now you can apply wax products section by section. Keep in mind not to cover the entire head with wax at once.

Once a section is applied in wax, put a close strip and leave it to sit for about 2-3 seconds and pull it off fast.

In terms of waxing your head’s back, you can ask an expert or someone else to help you. We want to say that head waxing is definitely a tricky procedure. If possible, you may want to visit a salon and have a professional wax your head.

They will know how to wax your head and complete the procedure efficiently. After you observe how they carry out the process, you can mimic it later.

How to Keep Your Head Bald Longer

To have a longer-lasting bald head, you need to exfoliate and thoroughly moisturize between your waxing appointments. The reason is that rough or dry skin makes your hair prone to breakage.

You might not know this, but thwarting bumps and ingrown hairs can keep your bald head in pristine condition. You can avoid them by moisturizing your waxing head and using an ingrown hair oil product.

Other Alternatives To Waxing


Shaving can eliminate your hair at the surface level of your skin. The result can last several days to one week, relying on your hair growth speed.

That said, some find it suitable as it is affordable and less painful than other hair removal forms. Besides, it is easy to buy a product for shaving.


Sugaring’s result can last a similar length to waxing; the hair growth will take about 3-4 weeks. Many people draw the similarities between waxing and sugaring.


As a result, sugaring is sometimes known as a less painful variation of waxing.  The paste made of water, sugar, and lemon is suitable for sensitive skin.


Considered for eliminating the hair from the brows and face, threading can pull the hair completely at the root. The new hair growth can take 2-6 weeks, relying on how thick the hair is and the place you thread.


Like waxing, epilating removes your hair at the root. It uses an epilator to pluck the hair since it can glide across your skin. You can expect the same result as waxing: about 3-4 weeks before the hair regrowth.

Still, unlike waxing, epilators will pick up shorter and finer hairs neglected by waxing.


Hair Removal Cream

Using hair removal cream is one of the fastest ways to remove hair. That said, it does not eliminate your hair from follicles.

So if you have thick hair, you might have a shadow beneath your skin.

The result is the same as shaving, giving several days of clean and smooth skin.


Should You Wax Your Head By Yourself?

Regretfully, the answer is No. We don’t advise you to wax your head on your own. Unlike head shaving, waxing involves a hair-pulling process.

Of course, you might find it quite easy to wax the sides, top, and front of your head. That said, you will have several challenges when waxing your head’s back.

That’s why we highly recommend you to visit a professional waxing expert if you are new to waxing. Once you are accustomed to the process, you can do it on your own.

It’s always the best idea to learn from the experts in the beginning.

How Long Should You Have Your Hair Waxed Again?

You might wonder, “If you wax your head, will it grow back?” We can say, for sure, it will. How long the waxing result lasts will depend on how fast the hair grows.

For some, once they waxed the head, they do not need to go for the next head waxing process for six weeks. With that being said, some can notice their hair growth in only three weeks.

But normally, it takes about 3-4 weeks for hair regrowth after head waxing. If you utilize soft or hard wax (it’s up to you), you can expect similar results.

In a nutshell, you will need to wax again after 3-4 weeks on average.


Again, can you wax your head? We will immediately say Yes as long as you are prepared for the pain during the waxing process. Head waxing not only delivers shiny and smooth skin but also lengthens the time for the next waxing.

Also, in addition to waxing, you can use other hair removal ways, like shaving, sugaring, threading, and more. Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. Thank you for reading.


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