How Many Times Can You Use a Disposable Razor?

How Many Times Can You Use a Disposable Razor?

Disposable razors provide a practical solution for daily shaving.

But here is the thing, they are disposable as the name suggests. Disposable razors are specifically designed for limited use.

This probably has you baffled and asking yourself questions like how many times can you use a disposable razor if they are designed for limited use.

We came up with this article to help you know the limited number of times you can use your disposable razors. Also, we have provided you with important hacks you can use to prolong the life of your disposable razors.

Let’s get on with it!

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How Many Times Can a Disposable Razor Be Used?

You would always want to use disposable razors for as long as possible, considering how wasteful and expensive they are. 

Different brands have different claims concerning the longevity of their disposable razors. Some may claim 3 to 7 shaves, while others may claim 20 to 30 shaves. 

Regardless of what the manufacturer says, none can say the number of times you will be able to use a disposable razor. This is so because it depends on many factors, one of which is how you use and maintain the razors.   

What Factors Determine How Many Times You Can Use a Disposable Razor?

There are two theories that most people associate disposable razors with:

  • First, the sharper the razor is,  the longer it will last because it dulls a little each time. Therefore, it stays usable for more shaves. 
  • Second, the sharper the razor the thinner the edge and it will weaken faster. 

So, how do we answer the question?

Coarse or Fine Hair

We need to look at the nature and strength of human hair. Have you known that your hair is surprisingly strong?

Shaving hair slowly blunts the razor’s edge, especially if the hair is coarse and thick. This has to affect the efficacy of the disposable razor and with each pass, the sharpness and therefore the effectiveness deteriorates.

You should expect more than 7 shaves from a disposable razor if you have fine, thin hair. But the shaves may be less (3 to 5 shaves) if you have coarse, thick hair.


Most disposable razor parts are made of plastic. But the blades are metallic and not immune to corrosion when they are left wet for extended periods.

Corrosion will eat the edge of the blades, which will gradually reduce the blades’ sharpness and the number of times you can use them. So, it is wise to ensure that your disposable razor is dry before you store it.

Shaving Against the Grain

You can shave against or with the grain.

Shaving against the grain will most certainly get you closer to your skin. But this also means you will be exposing your disposable razor to a lot of abuse.

This makes the razor dull much quicker, which in turn reduces the number of shaves you can get out of it.

How to Maintain Disposable Razors

Have you known that proper maintenance (cleaning and drying) can effectively increase the usability of your disposable razors? Here are a few steps you can follow:

Step 1: Rinsing After Every Use

Rinsing After Every Use
Rinse the Blades After Every Use. (Source:

After you have finished your shave, thoroughly rinse your disposable razor under running water to remove all the body or facial hair from in between your razor blades.

Step 2: Remove Any Remaining Hairs

Remove Any Remaining Hairs
Remove Any Remaining Hairs. (Source:

For this step, you can use a paper towel, an old toothbrush, or a small brush to remove any stuck hairs from the spaces in between the blades. This can also help get rid of any shaving product residue.

Rinse the razor one more time This time around you will be rinsing the razor to get rid of the loosened particles, hairs, and residue. Just rinse it for a few minutes for the best results.

Step 3: Dry the Blades

Dry the Blades
Dry the Blades. (Source:

You might have removed all the hairs and residue from the blades. But all that effort will be for nothing if you don’t properly dry the blades.

Shake off all the water from the disposable razor. Then, gently tap it on a clean hand towel or piece of cloth to get rid of any remaining water.

Caution: Avoid tapping the ends of the blades on the cloth to prevent dulling the blades.

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Through my observation, good quality disposable razors can give you as many as 7 shaves. But this number can reduce or increase depending on the thickness and length of your hair, shaving style (with or against the grain), and of course how well you clean and dry the razor.

Re-use disposable razors might save you money and environmental costs. However, you should notice the times you should use it since gross things would happen once you overuse your disposable razors. 

No matter what, the disposable razor is only for temporary use. Therefore, after a few times, the blade of its starts blunting, leading to taking more time in shaving while experiencing an increase in nicking and tugging. Eventually, you get skin irritation, which ends up causing inflammation.

Therefore, whenever the first sign of bluntness appears, they are saying “That should be the last use. Leave the razor”.

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