How to Lather Shaving Soap In A Mug? (With & Without A Brush)

How to Lather Shaving Soap In A Mug?

The lather of a shaving soap helps to soften as well as lift the beard for a comfortable, close shave.

You get the much-needed lubrication, extra glide, and protection from nicks, razor burns, and skin irritation. A premium-quality lather will leave your facial skin feeling moisturized and smooth.

In this guide, we will guide you on how to lather shaving soap in a mug for the ultimate best shaving experience.  

What You Will Need

A mug 

The traditional mug that you use to drink tea or coffee with will do.  

Premium-quality shaving soap

You need a premium-quality shaving soap that will create a rich lather in a minute or two.

We prefer a shaving soap with ingredients like shea butter and tallow because they form a dense slippery lather without putting too much effort.

Make sure the soap you choose forms a lather that doesn’t dissipate easily even after sitting in the mug for an hour. We recommend the following products:

A badger hair shaving brush

You will not run short of shaving brushes to choose from. But during your selection, pay close attention to the quality of the materials used for the bristles and the handle.

The most popular shaving brushes you will come across feature silky, soft nylon bristles. Make sure that the bristles have reliable heat retention capability and are water absorbing.

The handle has to be ergonomically crafted for easy gripping when creating a lather.

We recommend the following products:


You simply need hot and warm water.

The hot water is for soaking the brush to make the bristles wet and smooth.

The warm water is for soaking the soap to soften it for easy and quick lathering. 

Steps to Lather Shaving Soap In A Mug (With Badger Brush)

Lathering a traditional shaving soap for the first time can be a slightly challenging job for a first-timer.

For this project, you need warm water, a badger hair shaving brush, a glass mug, and shaving soap.

Watch the video tutorial and detailed step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Soak the Brush in Hot Water

Soak the Brush in Hot Water
Soak the brush in hot water

Insert your badger hair shaving brush into a mug and fill the mug with hot water for about five minutes.

Soaking the brush in hot water will not only kill germs but also soften the bristles, making a faster and richer lather for an extremely easy lathering experience. This will also leave a thin layer of water after pouring the rest of it out.

After about 5 minutes, pour the water out of the mug and leaving only a thin water layer.

Squeeze out the water from the shaving brush, but make sure the brush is still damp.

Step 2: Prepare the Soap for Lathering 

Prepare the Soap for Lathering
Prepare the soap for lathering

There are two types of shaving soaps you can use.

One that is in a container in a solid form and you need to use a wet brush to lather the amount you need. Or a shaving soap pack that you can simply drop into the mug.

For the soap that is in a solid form in a container – you need to soak the soap in warm water for a few minutes and then pour out the water. This process is called blooming and it makes the solidified soap easy to lather with the brush.

Before shaving, to soften the hair and moisturize the skin well, you should wash your face with your face cleanser thoroughly with lukewarm water.

(We can skip this step if you just finished showering.)

Step 3: Creating the Lather   

Creating the Lather
Creating the Lather

Use the damp badger hair shaving brush to create lather. Now you have to squeeze the wet bristles of the brush and press them on the soap in the container.

Apply some pressure while moving the brush in a circular motion. Continue with the circular motions until enough lather forms. 

Transfer the brush loaded with thick lather into your mug to form a bigger lather. Move the brush in circular motions inside the mug to continue creating a rich lather.

It is advisable to add a few drops of water whenever necessary to increase the size of the lather. You should continue with the circular motions until you achieve your ideal lather buildup. 

For the soap pack – drop the pack of soap into your mug, take your badger brush and spin it on top of the soap pack repeatedly until you build a lather.

This may take a short while (approximately one minute) to create a lather buildup. You should add a few drops of water every thirty seconds or so and continue lathering in circular motions.

Make sure you push the overflowing lather back into the mug to keep it from escaping.

In case you don’t have a brush

Step 1: Prepare a Loofah for Lathering

Add warm water into a bowl and dip one side of the loofah into the water. Remove it and squeeze some of the water out.

Step 2: Make the Lather

Rub the loofah on the soap in circular motions. When the loofah has picked enough soap, transfer it to a mug and continue rubbing in circular motions.

Add a few drops of water to help you create a bigger lather.  

Store soap and brush after shaving

To ensure your brush lasts a long time, always rinse it well after use, give it a good shake, dry it with a hand towel, and store it on a brush stand in a well-ventilated area.

To preserve your soap, wipe out any foam from your soap, cover with the lid, and store in a dry place.

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In Conclusion

You need a thick, rich lather for the razor to glide smoothly across your skin. This will help reduce drag, irritation, cuts, and nicks.

Some shaving products are formulated to self-lather. But you most certainly need a way to create a lather when using a shaving soap. There is no better way to lather shaving soap than in a mug.

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