How Long Does It Take for Nose Hairs to Grow Back?

How Long Does It Take for Nose Hairs to Grow Back?

Nose hair is an important natural part of your body, which functions as a defense system. It does a great job of maintaining moisture in the air you breathe and it helps keep debris from getting into your body system.

No specific health benefit may force someone to remove his or her nose hair but most people choose to because of beauty among other reasons. 

In this post, we want to help you find out how long it takes for nose hairs to grow back and the best methods for removing nose hair.

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How Long Does It Take for Nose Hairs to Grow Back?

Normally the nose hair will grow back after about a week and no later than 3 weeks.

There will not be a specific answer to the question “How Long Does It Take for Nose Hairs to Grow Back?”.

The extra-dense blood vessels in the nose support hair growth. This regrowth will be affected by many factors such as the hormones in your body, the method of removal you use,…

Should You Remove Your Nose Hair?

This mainly depends on personal preference.

But if you remove the nasal hair, you will be giving particles and germs a free pass into your nostrils, and they can easily cause an infection.

You could also experience nasal vestibular inflammation and ingrown hairs. So please think carefully before you do.

How to Get Rid of Nose Hair?

According to studies, one hair follicle in the nose can grow up to six and a half feet during a person’s life. The hair gets coarser and longer as you get older to a point that it is more prudent.

There are various methods you can use to get rid of your nose hair problem. But they will still grow back. 

Nose Hair Trimming

For the purpose of safely removing nose hair, we recommend opting for nose hair trimming.

Trimming of nose hair simply involves reducing the length of the hair by cutting it short. For this process, you will need special nose hair scissors. 

Nose hair scissors
Nose hair scissors

These unique scissors are usually equipped with razor-sharp blades that are uniquely designed to isolate each nose hair for precision, superior control, and accuracy.

Most models are made of premium-quality stainless steel material that is highly rust and corrosion-resistant. Make sure the model you choose is fitted with rounded tips at the sharp point of the blades. 

They help keep your nose safe from the sharp-pointed tips when trimming unruly nose hair. The scissors should also come with an adjustable tension screw for fine-tuning the tension. 

Alternatively, you could use a nose hair trimmer. This is a battery-powered electrical device. It is uniquely designed to trim your nasal hair in a circular motion.  

  • Step 1: Sterilize the Scissors or the Trimmer Head 

Use an antiseptic to clean and sterilize the scissors or the head of the trimmer even if they are new. 

  • Step 2: Prepare Your Nose for Trimming

You can achieve this by blowing any gunk out of the nostrils. You can also use warm water to moisten and clean the inside of your nose.

If you are sick, maybe having a cold or flu, then avoid trimming until you recover.   

  • Step 3: Stand in Front of a Mirror 

Stand in front of a well-lit mirror that will allow you to see the inside of your nose. You should also have a hand mirror for getting more details like the ideal cutting angle.

Sometimes unruly nose hair may tangle the blades, a hand mirror can help you figure out the best way of untangling the hair without making the process very painful. 

  • Step 4: Start Trimming the Nose Hair

How fast the nasal hair will grow back depends on how deep you will cut the hair. Preferably, you should only trim the noticeable hair.

Nose hair regrowth time: With this method, you should expect the nose hair to grow back to the original length in about a week or so. But it is a good trade-off and a healthy routine.  

Nose Hair Plucking

If the nasal hair grows back too fast when you use trimming tools like scissors or a trimmer, you could prolong the regrowth period to about four weeks or more by plucking your nose hair.

Notably, this method involves pulling out the individual hair strands in your nose, which can be painful. You can use a pair of tweezers to pull out the hair.

  • Step 1: Stand in Front of a Mirror 

You need a large clear mirror that is mounted on a wall for this process. Make sure that the mirror is well-lit. 

  • Step 2: Sterilize the Tweezers and Prepare Your Nose for Plucking 

Use an antiseptic to sterilize the tweezers. Then remove any dirt from your nostrils to make it easy for you to pick on the individual hair strands. Start plucking the most prominent hairs. 

Nose hair regrowth time: The plucked hair strands will take a while to grow back, roughly four weeks. So, you will have about a month of nasal-hair-free life. 


  • Never pluck your nasal hairs when you are sick.
  • This is an effective way to limit the growth of the toes. However, because of the health problems, it can bring such as ingrown hairs, flame, nasal vestibular inflammation, .. so we suggest you consider it before doing it.

In Conclusion

Nasal hair removal has become a trend nowadays. Those who do so dislike the thick, dense hairs in their nostrils. But the thing is, the nose hair will grow back after about four weeks or so.

You should also consider the possible aftermaths of nasal hair removal like ingrown hairs and nasal vestibular inflammation.

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