How to Dye Beard Without Staining Skin?

How to Dye Beard Without Staining Skin?

Have you thought about dyeing your beard?

There are many reasons for men to decide to dye their beards. Some typical reasons are wanting to look younger, wanting to even out the color of the beard if it is patchy, uneven, or maybe wanting to change your appearance. 

Dyeing gives your facial hair a little more depth and dynamic, which is what every bearded man wants.

However, not everyone when embarking on beard dyeing is a professional dyer.

Dyeing your beard will be a big challenge if you don’t know how to avoid stains and smudges when dyeing. This is exactly what brought you to this article. 

After reading this article and doing it a few times, you will see that this is a very simple task. Continue reading to find out the best way to color your beard without staining skin.

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How to Dye Beard Without Staining Skin

What You Need

Beard Dye

A beard dye is a colorant formula that transforms your facial hair into your desired color.

The color of the dye is a personal preference, which can be black, gray, brown, and so on.

Some of our top recommendations include:


This is a petroleum jelly-based product that has many skincare uses. It is a very important ingredient that helps prevent beard dye from staining your facial skin.

You can also use baby oil or heavy moisturizing cream to protect your skin from staining.

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This is a great cleaning product that comes highly recommended for washing a dyed beard.

It is not too strong like a face wash and it will not strip out the dye.

We recommend:

Rubber Gloves 

Rubber gloves are tough and tear-resistant. They are usually waterproof to not only keep your hands dry but also prevent them from staining.

We recommend the following products:

Small Comb or a Toothbrush

Most dyes usually come with a resourceful applicator, which can be a small comb or a little brush.

But if you don’t get this accessory along with the dye, you can alternatively use one of your small combs or toothbrushes.

Alcohol/Cleaning Wipes

Alcohol and/or cleaning wipes will come in handy when you accidentally stain your skin. You can use a cotton ball soaked with alcohol or just cleaning wipes.

Old Clothes

We recommend you wear an old T-shirt that you don’t use. So, if it gets stained, you will not mind disposing of it. 

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Prep Your Dye

The most recommended beard dye is Just for Men Mustache and Beard Color.

This coloring kit has two parts, the color developer and the color base. You need to mix the two formulas to come up with the actual dye.

Not all beard dyes have the same composition, so we recommend that you test the reaction before using the product. You can test the reaction of the dye on your biceps, elbows, or wrist.

Let the dye settle on your skin for 12 hours or up to 24 hours to see if there is any allergic reaction. If you’re allergic, some common symptoms are itching, redness, and rush. A small amount will do just fine.    

Useful Tips:

  • Choose a dye color that matches your facial hair color to avoid being exposed. A dye color that is lighter than your hair color will make your beard look more natural. 
  • Use a small amount of dye to avoid the dye being too dark. If the color is light, you can increase the amount little by little.  
  • Wear old clothes. Dyes can easily spill onto your clothes and stain them.

Step 2: Prep Your Beard

Trim your beard
Trim your beard before dyeing

Trim your facial hair using a beard trimmer to achieve your desired beard style and length. Start with the longest setting and then repeat with a shorter setting.

Trimming does not only improves your appearance but also prevents dishevelment, dryness, split ends, and flyaways.    

Clean or exfoliate your face with a face scrub

Clean or exfoliate your face with a face scrub. This helps to remove dead skin, natural oils, and face impurities that would otherwise prevent the dye from taking effect. 

Apply Vaseline, baby oil or heavy moisturizing cream around your beard.

Just dab a small amount and apply it along the edges and lines of your beard. This ensures that the skin that doesn’t have facial hair is stain-free.

Go through the areas you don’t want to get stained by beard dye one more time to make sure that they are properly covered. 

Step 3: Apply the Dye

Apply the Dye
Apply the Dye

Scoop a small amount of the dye with the applicator brush and apply the coloring product to your beard. Start from the edges or lines of your beard going inwards without applying any dye over the petroleum jelly.

An applicator comb is a great tool for precision application. You can use downward strokes on mustache and cheek lines or upwards strokes on your jawline and neckline.

If you accidentally go over the petroleum jelly on the edges and lines, you can easily remove the stain with the help of alcohol. Just dab a small amount on a cotton pad and gently rub off the dye from your skin.

Be careful not to rub off the Vaseline that protects the skin along the edges and lines of your beard from staining.

Step 4: Let the Dye Soak the Beard for Awhile

Let the Dye Soak the Beard for Awhile
Let the Dye Soak the Beard for Awhile (Source: Youtuber Jeff Buoncristiano)

Most of these dyeing products take approximately 10 minutes to effectively transform your beard color (say from white to black). Set the timer for 10 minutes and allow the dye to do its thing.

You can conveniently extend the timer, depending on how much white you have at the moment.

You should do a color test after 10 minutes in a small area. If it isn’t what you want, add more dye and wait for another 3 to 5 minutes.   

Step 5: Wash Out the Dye

Wash Out the Dye
Wash Out the Dye

We recommend you use color-treated shampoo when washing out the dye.

Avoid using strong products like face wash, clarifying shampoo, etc. Rinse the dye off first and then remove the petroleum jelly, baby oil, or heavy moisturizing cream. 

Use a cotton pad soaked with alcohol to remove any staining from the lines and edges of your beard. You want the lines to be clearly defined, right? Dry your face with a towel and apply some beard oil for a stunning look.     

Warning: After washing your beard with shampoo, the color may fade a little.


As you have seen, it is so easy to learn how to dye your beard without staining skin.

All you need is a high-quality beard dye, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), alcohol, a cotton pad, and an applicator brush.

You may end up having unwanted staining over the Vaseline barrier, especially if you are new to self-dyeing. But worry not, you can easily remove the spots or stains with a cotton pad soaked with alcohol.

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