How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out?

How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out?

Have you heard of flyaway hairs on a beard?

They are those pesky little hairs in your beard that tend to stick out in a different direction. This is a common problem for most men, especially those with a full beard.

When standing in front of a mirror, you can see some hairs sticking out on your mustache or side whiskers. It can be quite frustrating, right?

But, did you know that you could learn how to keep beard hairs from sticking out? You only need to add a few tricks to your normal beard care routine.

Let’s check them out!

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What You Will Need

Here are the things you will need to deal with those pesky little hairs that stick out when you least expect them:

Beard Oil

This is a very important product for any bearded man. It is a conditioner that is made up of carrier oils and essential oils.

It helps condition, moisturize, and soften your beard. Some oils also help speed up the beard growth, and you can easily shape a new beard style.

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Beard Wax

This is a styling product for the beard. It does a great job of hydrating and moisturizing your facial hair.

Typically, beard wax is made of coconut oil and beeswax. Don’t apply too much to avoid a greasy beard.

Premium quality beard waxes coat hair follicles to restore shine and softness:

Beard Conditioner

This is a beard care product that cleans, softens, and hydrates the beard. It is the go-to product when you want to treat and prevent itching or irritation.

The deep cleansing this product provides will get rid of any dandruff.

Our top recommendations include:

Beard Comb

This is a beard grooming tool that is uniquely made for facial hair. A comb usually has fine or medium teeth, which is perfect for most beard lengths.

Some combs have both fine and medium teeth on the same design. Some great examples are:

How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out

You can easily deal with flyaways with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

Wash Your Beard
Wash your beard. (Source:

It is important that you wash your beard to get rid of dirt and other impurities.

We recommend that you use lukewarm water and a beard conditioner to help restore softness and shine to your facial hair. Towel dry your beard to prep it for the next step.

Step 2: Apply Beard Oil

Apply beard oil to your beard
Apply beard oil to your beard (Source:

Your facial skin usually produces sebum (natural oil) that helps keep your beard healthy.

But as your beard grows in length, your body cannot produce enough oil to keep your skin and your facial hair moisturized. That’s why you normally experience flakey, itchy, irritated skin.

So, you need to apply beard oil regularly. Dab a few drops into the palm of your hands and rub them together. Then, get under the beard and work the oil into the skin.

Step 3: Comb Your Beard

Comb Your Beard
Comb your beard. (Source:

Comb your beard from top to bottom to untangle the unruly hairs and tame flyaways. Make sure you use passes that will not cause tugging.

Alternatively, you could use a conditioning balm with a beard brush.

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Step 4: Apply Beard Wax

Apply Beard Wax
Apply beard wax. (Source:

Scoop a small amount of beard wax and place it in your palm. Then rub your palms together to produce enough heat that will melt the wax.

Apply the wax on your beard from the roots to the tips of the hair. Make sure you get enough wax to the entire beard to effectively tame all the hairs that are sticking out.

Step 5: Use a Beard Brush for Shaping

Beard Brush for Shaping
                                                                                   Shape your beard. (Source:

Use a beard brush to style and shape your facial hair.

If you happen to experience any more sticking-out hairs, especially when you are out and about, you can use mustache wax to quickly and effectively tame the flyaways.

Why is the Beard Sticking Out?

You may have a lot of experience in beard growing and grooming. But sometimes the beard may stick out because of the following factors:


You have to be careful with the length of your beard when trimming.

Over-trimming will make your facial hair too short and sticking out. This is usually the case with the hairs in the mustache area and along the jawline and chin.

Lack of Grooming

Split ends are really bad. If you don’t routinely trim your beard, the hairs become brittle and split. This will force the hairs to stick out.

Not Using Proper Grooming Products

Failure to use proper beard care products can make the beard stick out. Beard care helps keep your facial skin and beard healthy.

Easting a Poor Diet

Poor nutrition can lead to a high body mass index, which can lower your testosterone levels. This can lead to poor beard growth and sticking out hairs.

Ways to Limit the Beard Sticking Out

There are several ways of limiting your beard sticking out, but they vary in efficacy. Here are the various things you can do:

Trim Your Beard Routinely

Trimming should be your first method of controlling sticking out hairs. But you should avoid over-trimming the beard because this can leave it looking thin and even cause more sticking out hairs.

Give Your Beard Time to Grow

Sometimes doing nothing to the beard can be the best way to get rid of sticking out hairs. Just give it time to grow and the hairs will grow long enough to align themselves perfectly.

But this is only if you are growing a big full beard. It should take you roughly two to six months for the hairs to be long enough to align themselves under their weight.

Use Proper Beard Care Products

Beard products with a good amount of hold are usually the best for dealing with sticking out hairs.

As we mentioned in the beginning, you can refer to using the products as beard wax, beard conditioner, beard balm, or beard oil.

Remember the mantra “Use just enough for a beautiful beard” to avoid greasy shine.

Wash Your Beard Less Often

The best way to get rid of beard dandruff and dry patches is by washing your beard.

But make sure you wash it less often not to strip it of all its natural oils. We recommend you use beard soap instead of face washes or strong shampoos.

Comb Your Beard

It is absolutely necessary for you to comb your beard. This will help you train your beard to grow in the direction that you prefer and get rid of sticking out hairs.


As you can see, it isn’t difficult to learn how to keep beard hairs from sticking out.

You just need a few products in your beard care arsenal, such as beard wax, beard oil, beard conditioner, mustache wax, and beard comb.

It is time you tamed those flyaways, and maintain the perfect beard you have always wanted.

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